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1234f Accumulator

612 Grabber

1234f Accumulator Description:


This accumulator arranges the bales 4 wide and 3 long on their strings.









22'8"L x 7'10"W x 10'3"H



Compatible with:


- 612f Grabber

612 Grabber Description:


This grabber picks up bales that are arraigned 4 wide and 3 long and laying on their strings. It has 24 teeth on 6 bars. Allows bale length 32"- 44" with no adjustments. If you want your bales longer than 44", an extended version of this grabber is available. Can accommodate 14x18" and 16x18" bales.









95"L x 72"W


Requires: Loader with 770kg (1700lb) plus lift capacity*. One set of remotes.


*Lift capacity is an estimate based on an average bale weight of 40-50 pounds. However, it is up to the individual to determine their specific loader requirements.



Compatible with:


- 1234f Accumulator


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12 Bales on "strings"

12 Bales on "string side"

Accumulator 1234f
Grabber 612


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