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Alstrong Auctus Grassland Rejuvenator
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Alstrong Soil Aerators

The Alstrong range of aerators are designed not only to aerate the top layer of grassland but thanks to their unique blade design and weight they have the ability to shatter the hard pan up to 30cm (12”) deep without any soil disturbance or disruption to grazing systems. The blade design offers greater soil penetration, mechanically altering the physical structure of the soil, leading to better grass growth.



Alstrong Aerator 840T:




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Alstrong Aerator 940M:


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Alstrong Auctus Grassland Rejuvenator / Overseeder

Rejuvenate and condition your grass with the Alstrong Auctus. Its unique design allows 5 operations to be completed in one pass.


The fully adjustable, individually sprung levelling boards scarify and scratch the surface removing dead material while exposing soil patches for re-seeding.


The drum repairs poached soil and surface damage. The blades fitted to the drum aerate the root zone allowing air and water to penetrate faster encouraging growth.


Air-seeder applies grass seed/clover in an accurate and even fashion. Two rows of grass harrow tines aid soil to seed contact while stimulating and further conditioning the grass.




Alstrong Auctus:


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