Tie-grabber in action

How it works:


The default circuit operates the bale squeeze and the bale hooks. So, when activated, the squeeze bar pulls the bales in. When it is fully retracted a sequence valve automatically flips that circuit over and it activates the bale hooks. The second circuit operates the twine arm and the knotter. The twine arm starts on the right hand side, and when it completes its circuit, a valve automatically diverts the flow to the knotter.


From the operators perspective, the first thing to do is to pick up the bales. With the squeeze arm out, and the grabber just above the bales, the operator will align the left side of the grabber with the left side of the group of bales on the ground. The angle of the squeeze arm will pull the bales in as it moves forward. When the bales are compacted length wise, the operator will activate the auxiliary hydraulic circuit. This will pull the arm in, compacting the bales sideways. The bale hooks will automatically begin to set, so the operator needs to make sure there is adequate down pressure so the hooks can set properly. The grabber now has the bales so the operator can lift them and begin travel to the transport vehicle.


While traveling with the loaded grabber, the operator will activate the splitter valve and again activate the auxiliary circuit, this will operate the twine tying mechanism. When that is finished, the hay is ready to be deposited. When traveling to the next group the operator can return the twine arm to the right hand side.

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Tie-Grabber Series



Available only from Kuhns Mfg, the Tie-Grabber puts a string around the group of bales that it picks up. This allows for steady loads on wagons and more stacking options in the barn. This also allows for significant time savings as the need for load tie-down is diminished to almost zero.


The Tie-Grabbers are designed to pick up bundles in the field after the accumulator deposits them. With 7 models availabe, chances are, we have something that would work with your operation. As a general rule, Tie-Grabbers allow bale length 32"-44" with no adjustments. If you want your bales longer than 44", an extended version of this grabber is available. Can accommodate 14"x18" bales.







Compatible with:


- Kuhns Accumulators





Vary on model.

Tie feature available on all sizes.


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8-18 Bales

Requires: Loader with 907-1270kg (2000-2800lb) plus lift capacity*. Two sets of remotes.


*Lift capacity is an estimate based on an average bale weight of 40-50 pounds. However, it is up to the individual to determine their specific loader requirements.


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