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Kuhn's Mfg Accumulators and Grabbers


The Kuhns' Bale Accumulators and Grabbers provide economical and versatile handling of small square bales.


The Kuhns hay accumulator system allows you to arrange nearly any length or weight of small square bales into group configurations that fit your operation. With 7 models available, the choice is yours.


The Kuhns hay accumulator uses no hydraulics or electronics and is fully automatic with an operating capacity of 12 bales a minute. It uses gravity to efficiently arrange the bales into a pack to be picked up with a grabber mounted on your loader and stacked on a wagon.

Welcome to the Small Bale Company


The Small Bale Company is the UK Territory Distributor for Kuhns Mfg Bale Accumulators and Grabbers, and a distributor for Alstrong Soil Aerators and Grassland Rejuvenation Equipment based in West Sussex. The Small Bale Company is dedicated to providing high quality, highly effective, and easily maintainable grassland equipment. Passionate about conventional sized bales and high quality grassland systems.

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Alstrong, Bringing Land to Life


The Alstrong range of aerators are designed not only to aerate the top layer of grassland, but thanks to their unique blade design and weight they have the ability to shatter the hard pan up to 30cm (12") deep without any soil disturbance, or disruption to grazing systems. The aerator is also an excellent seedbed preparation tool


The Aerator comes in two trailed models the 840T and the 940T, and the three point linkage mounted 940M.


In addition to the Aerator, Alstrong also provide the Auctus. The Auctus delivers 5 completed operations in one pass, and can be fitted with an optional air-seeder for over seeding.

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